Bow See Fast is the name of Marvin Swallow's horse and friend who after many years as Marvin's Sundance partner made his passage to the Spirit world.  He will always be honored and remembered.

Arigato means "Thank You" in Japanese.

Bow See Fast Sanctuary & Arigato Farms are 40 acres of beautiful land in New Mexico.  A very special place where people learn & heal, Sacred Fire burns, fresh water runs, food grows, and horses roam.  

It is the vision of Marvin Swallow and Hiroko Matsuda Swallow, calling all peoples inspired by their teachings to come together to learn the 7 Directions Way of Life Teachings, to find themselves, and to manifest the Sundance Grounds, Prayer House, Sustainable Farm, Community Center, and Burial Grounds, for the Next Seven Generations. 

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