Have you recently been inspired and blessed by Uncle Marvin and Auntie Hiroko? Do you feel a call to be of support to their mission? Below is a list of needs, immediate and long term, to guide your calling to help.  

Please email us at info@marvinswallow.com for more details. 

If you would like to make a monetary donation please do so via PAYPAL( marvokopaypal@gmail.com )

100% of your donation will go directly to Marvin & Hiroko.


• Horse & garden caretaker

• Plumbing in 3 buildings 

• Deck/stairs for main house entrance

• Roofing - main house 

• Kitchen sink - main house

• Remodel bathroom - main house

• Drywall straw bale house

• Build community laundry & storage rooms

• Build quarters for visitors / volunteers

• Build outdoor area for gatherings

• Expand living room in main house

• Build kids' playground

• Build secure gate

• Outdoor dish washing station 

• Outhouses 

• Outdoor showers

• Shade - outside main kitchen 

• Build dog kennels

• Build adobe house for Marvin & Hiroko

• Build large community building for events

• Dig stream pond / sitting area


• Efficient vehicle in good condition, such as a mini van or station wagon

• 2 Large on-demand water heaters

• Stove

• Refrigerator

• Wind generator

• Solar panels

• Large outdoor tables

• Gravel for living grounds

• Drywall for straw bale house

• Gardening tools

• Organic soil

• Window screens

• Blankets 

• Utensils, bowls, plates, serving utensils, etc... 

• Tipi canvas

• Goose neck horse trailer

• Tiny houses / living structures 


4x4 Vehicle - Teeki 

Car - Martinez Family

Tipi poles -  Dominic & Nina

Industrial washer and dryer - Maurer Family

Fence around garden - Andy Molnar & Cid Little Elk 

Shade area near Sweat Lodge - Val & relatives

Constant support: bringing wood, food, etc... - Val